Workmanship Warranty

Policy last updated on 20 January 2024.

At Fourbs Group, we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional service. We are proud to offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, which we define as a 25-year period, aligning with the expected lifetime of our installations. This warranty duration is the standard unless an alternative term is specified in a written agreement with the property owner.

This warranty specifically covers any defects or shortcomings in our workmanship, defined as improper installation, use of materials that do not meet industry-approved quality standards ("substandard materials"), failure to adhere to industry standards, or any negligence in providing our services. "External factors" include but are not limited to natural disasters, tampering, unauthorized repairs, or other causes beyond our control. For example, if a wiring issue caused by our installation leads to failure within your electrical system, we will rectify the problem at no additional cost to you.

Please note, our Workmanship Warranty does not cover:

  • Wear and tear or damage caused by external factors as defined above.
  • Products or materials provided by third parties, including manufacturers.
  • Failures due to unauthorized modifications, improper maintenance, or misuse of the installed systems.

1. Manufacturer's Warranty

We also respect and honor all relevant manufacturer's warranties on the products and materials used in our services. These warranties cover defects in the products themselves and vary depending on the manufacturer and the product. For example, if a CCTV camera we install malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer's warranty would apply.

2. Relationship with Australian Consumer Laws

Our Workmanship Warranty operates in addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). It does not limit or replace them. Under the ACL, you have certain rights and remedies, such as the right to a refund, repair, or replacement, if the goods or services provided fail to meet specific guarantees or standards.

The ACL also recognizes manufacturer's warranties and provides additional protection to consumers. This means that, if a product or material we install is faulty, you may have rights both under our Workmanship Warranty and the manufacturer's warranty, as well as under the ACL.

3. Conclusion

Your peace of mind is our priority. Rest assured that our Workmanship Warranty, in conjunction with manufacturer's warranties and Australian Consumer Laws, ensures that you are well protected. We are here to support you. Should you have any concerns or questions about our warranties or your rights, please don't hesitate to contact us.